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NC Superfoods is our family-run urban farm

I’m a bit of a techy geek.  I’ve enjoyed being a machine control technician, engineer, and writing about science and technology.  But I’m also a green-Earth tree hugger fascinated with nature and the technology in living plants that we are just beginning to comprehend.

I’m amazed how plants can take specific frequencies of light and adjust their photosynthesis based on the spectrum of light available to them. How they can extract specific minerals from the soil and utilize them as building blocks to grow their roots, stems, leaves, blooms, and seeds.  To watch a seed turn to a sprout and then a microgreen in a matter of a few days.

And I’m not getting any younger.  I’ve come to see recognize the value of eating right.  Just like plants know how to intake the nutrition they need to grow, we humans also need the proper building blocks for our brain, nervous system, lymphatic system, bones, muscles, and organs.

Having been diagnosed with leaky gut, I’m now even more driven to have a healthy, gut-friendly diet.

Microgreens are among the healthiest superfoods

There are two primary reasons why microgreens are the superfood of today and tomorrow.

The first reason is that there is practically no healthier food choice than microgreens.  Microgreens are packed with up to 40 times the nutritional value of their mature plant form.  This is because seeds are jam-packed with nutrients, and the young microgreens contain these nutrients in a still condensed package, while chemically adjusting the seed nutrients along with light energy and soil nutrients to be the most nutrient-dense, bio-absorbable, and freshest foods available.

Seeds a great too, I just love my walnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and a host of other really great seeds.  But one thing my dear wife Heidy has helped me learn is that seeds contain phytic acids that can hinder your gut’s absorption of the nutrients.  So for optimum absorption, they need to either be sprouted or fermented. 

So Heidy has been busily sprouting and fermenting nuts, grains, and legumes to take the best care of us as possible.  Additionally, sprouting breaks down natural starches in seeds and use them as building blocks for proteins and other nutrients that your body can use.  While sprouting starts this process of converting starches into protein building blocks, microgreens have completed the process.

Microgreens are the food of tomorrow

The second reason why microgreens are the superfood of choice is that we live in a new era.  The days of local small-town farmers and communities that depended on these fresh natural produce was somehow lost.  Farms became “big ag” or agricultural corporations.  Freshness was traded off for inking out better profits with imports from Asia or South America.  Heirloom and naturally organic was traded for genetic modifications that deal with pesticides and increase the yield of nutrition-poor harvests.

If I sound a little cynical, sorry.  But what a crazy work where you just can’t trust how clean, natural, or fresh your food is.

So let’s turn technology into good instead of bad.  Climate is getting really messed up.  Soil is depleted and polluted.  Farmland is disappearing.  Let’s use technology to find a solution for today and tomorrow.  So that we can have clean, fresh, and nutrition-packed food even if our environment is urban.  Even if our ground is polluted or our climate isn’t that favorable.

That’s why we grow microgreens.

We want to be part of a growing movement of new-era healthy and natural crops.  We want to help keep food local and fresh.  Literally anyone can grow microgreens.  Even if you just have a studio. One small rack to supplement putting superfood nutrition into your regular diet.

And we know not everyone will want to grow their own microgreens.  So we are happy to serve our neighbors here in North Carolina.  We are proud to bring you our powerful produce.  We hope these superfoods bring more vitality into your lives.  That you get a boost from eating the freshest, most healthy food on the planet!

What microgreens we grow

We have carefully selected microgreen crops that are nutrient-dense.  There are certain nutrients that we as a society are deficient  in.  By combining microgreen crops of sunflower, pea, broccoli, radish, and wheatgrass, it’s a powerful mix that provides a super-boost your body needs.

We are happy to develop and grow-to-order a custom package specifically for you and your family, for your health and dietary needs.

We wish you the best

Our desire is to develop a local community of like-minded people who appreciate what these fresh superfoods have to offer.  We are happy to serve you and build this community together.

To dive into happy fresh microgreens, give us a call at (541) 968-9746.  We are excited to talk with you!


Ralph & Heidy McGinnis (and kids)

NC Superfood

Organic Ingredients

We use only organic seed for our microgreens. The soil is a nutrient-rich high-quality organic soil. No chemicals added ever.

Our top-quality microgreens