What’s The Best Microgreen Rack to Optimize Floor Space?

Looking to set up an efficient microgreen rack without breaking the bank?  Designing your microgreen rack system all starts with setting the right foundation – the shelving unit or rack that the microgreens will grow on.  After checking out all the options, I found what I believe to be the best option.  This will optimize your space, and great quality for a great price.

The best microgreen rack to optimize floor space is a 6-tier NSF certified commercial grade wire shelving unit that’s 48” x 18” x 82”. Most wire racks are shorter and only 5-tier.  Adding the extra height and shelf allows for an additional 20% more microgreen trays.

extra tall wire shelving unit

Like you, I don’t settle on the first recommendation or featured rack I found.  After consuming several microgreen blogs and YouTube videos, I found a number of different recommendations.  After exploring all the options, I settled on this microgreens rack from Amazon.  

Let me explain why I think this is the best option and why I chose this one for my small growing room…

What makes the best microgreen rack for optimizing floor space:

  • 82″ height provides an extra 20% more growing space
  • 18” depth provides more elbow room in tight spaces
  • NSP certified assures it’s fit for food production purposes
  • Wire racking to easily hang lights, fans, and affixing wires
  • Good castors to roll the shelves
  • Customer ratings higher than 4.5 star and plenty of reviews
  • A competitive price reflecting quality but not overpaying

I’ve detailed it out the how this rack fits the bill below…

This microgreen rack provides 20 percent more tray space

Most shelving units are 72 inches tall.  Having the extra 10 inches that this 82-inch tall unit provides allows room for an additional shelf.  That means instead of 20 microgreen trays per rack, you can put 24 trays per rack. Four additional trays add up to 20% more microgreens.  That’s fairly significant for zero additional cost.

Especially when you are working with limited floor space like my office/urban farm.  I’m using my tiny 95 square-foot home office to add a couple microgreen growing racks.  Vertical real estate is particularly important in tight floor spaces.  If you have limited floor space or want to maximize the growing value of your space, go with the 82-inch unit.

This shelving unit has a smaller footprint

While some prefer racks with a depth of 24 inches, this 18-inch deep unit is best for tight floor spaces.  The trays are 20 inches deep, so they will stick out about an inch in the front and back.  But personally, I’m totally cool with that.  I’d rather that than get a 24” deep shelf that eats up 4 more inches in my tight space. 

If you have more space, perhaps 24 inches is better for you.  That way nothing sticks out from the face of the rack.  If any spillage happens, it’s over the top of a shelf and potentially captured by the shelf liner. 

And if you use a reflective mylar blanket to keep your light in, it can be flush with the shelves.  I use a mylar blanket, but I’m OK with the blanket not being flush with the shelf.  For me, the advantages of extra floor space and elbow room are worth it.

It’s NSF certified for food safety

NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation.  For the purposes of growing microgreens, the NSF certification means that it’s approved for growing, storing, or in other ways working with food.  I feel great knowing that my urban farm is operated on shelving units that won’t contaminate my clients due to inferior materials.

We do work with water.  Spills happen. So having a rust-free shelving unit is imperative.

The wire racking is perfect to hang lights and fans

 Just like hiking backpacks have lots of loops to attach all that gear, wire racks work great for attaching all the “gear” your microgreens rack system will require.

You can wire-tie the lights to the shelf above the trays.  Or you can easily hang with a chain to exactly the right height maximize the lighting.

Ventilation fans can be hung at each end of the shelves.  Timers and surge protectors can also be tied up right where you need it.  You can also tie down all the wires to keep them secure and tidy.

Casters allow you to move the microgreens system as needed

For me, casters are not so critical… at least not right now.  I don’t foresee the need to move it around much.  But it is nice having that option, in case the need does arise.

For many microgreen growers, castors are very helpful.  Reconfiguring your space may be valuable at times.  And having a mobile shelf with wheels for moving trays, seeds, and product around can be very handy. 

If you’ve ever priced casters, you will know they aren’t cheap.  The fact that this shelf comes with them is a bonus, especially since the units cost doesn’t reflect any added cost of the castors.

Customers highly rate these microgreen shelves

One of my criteria for selecting microgreen shelves, or anything else for that matter, is the star rating.  This unit has an average star rating of 4.6 out of 5, with over 2200 reviews.  That gives confidence that it’s a quality unit from a quality seller.

The limited negative reviews were primarily that the buyers were shipped the wrong item, or that the rack was not as sturdy as expected.

On the other hand, the overwhelmingly positive reviews were that this rack is sturdy and easy to assemble.

In my opinion, the rack is sufficiently sturdy.  While there are heavier racks out there, they also cost twice as much.  This rack more than strong enough to handle anything you may need it to when growing microgreens.

These microgreen racks are affordable

The price for these racks were $125 at the time I ordered them.  They are currently selling for $120 shipped.  I researched far and wide for a better deal that met my qualifications, and this was the best price out there. 

Quality and dimensions are more important to me that price, but it still matters.  If you are thinking of expanding, it’s important that the overall microgreen rack system cost doesn’t become excessive and limit your ability to expand.  Besides, who likes overpaying???

When building a microgreen rack system, it’s best to calculate cost per tray.  If you layout all your costs on a per-tray basis, you can see the real cost of your operation as it relates to profits per tray. 

This rack holds 24 trays.  That means the rack setup cost per tray is $5.00.  Another popular shelving unit (48x18x72) is also $120 but only support 20 trays.  That means the cost per tray for the other size is $6.00.  Effectively, you are paying 20% less with this 48x18x82 microgreen rack.

Where to get the best microgreen growing rack

Here’s a link to the shelving unit in case you decide it’s also right for you.  I’m not an affiliate, this is simply what I found as the best microgreens rack to optimize my tight floor space, and I wanted to share it with you.

The next step of the setup is the microgreen grow lights.  I explored lighting very thoroughly to land on the best lights for the job, at a reasonable price.  This article will help you pick the best microgreens grow lights for your money.